Fixing the Backspace key on Mac OS X's


Through trial-and-error, this seems to be the best way to unbreak the Backspace key on a Mac when using the native to SSH to a (Debian) Linux machine, and then running Emacs inside a Screen session.

  1. Open Terminal -> Preferences
  2. Declare terminal type ($TERM) as: rxvt
  3. Open Terminal -> Window Settings
  4. Choose Keyboard panel
  5. Uncheck "Delete key sends backspace" (i.e., this setting is "off")
  6. Click button "Use Settings as Defaults"

This way, you shouldn't have to mess with stty; you'll still get all the features of xterm-color (ANSI color text, screen save/restore, etc.); and the Backspace key will work normally, even in this situation: -> SSH (to Debian box) -> Screen -> Emacs

Update 2007-06-02: If I remember correctly, this thread was useful. Update 2007-06-08: This one too. And this file.